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Shipping Now specializes in logistics solutions for national and international companies.



We provide the full range of services required by exporters and importers, as we streamline logistics and regulatory issues throughout the process.

Shipping Now offerings:

Logistics management services for importers and exporters

· First-class professional import and export management services

- We make sure you choose the right forwarding method for your freight; air, sea, land, a container shipment, a consolidated shipment, LCL, courier delivery service, or any combination of the above.

- We help you save money on regulatory compliance issues, classification, customs clearance, insurance, port charges, taxes, timing, and so forth.

· Consulting services including preparation of paperwork and documentation required for import or export

Import and export

· Air forwarding

· Sea forwarding

· Land forwarding

Customs brokerage, trade compliance, and regulations

Customs brokerage has a huge effect on the overall costs and bottom lines of importers and exporters. Therefore, accurate and professional estimations are crucial. We are experts at what we do and hold far-reaching experience in import, export, customs brokerage, and trade compliance including regulations requirements, permits, and processes (e.g. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communication, The Standards Institution of Israel (SII), and the like.)

Courier services

Typically, a door-to-door service and the quickest and most efficient way to forward a parcel or package. Courier services are commonly used for goods, documents, catalogues, commercial samples, etc. that a person can carry.

Freight insurance

Another key aspect in the realm of import and export is freight insurance - i.e. insuring your cargo and goods against damages, risks, and loss, while in transit and between the point of origin and its final

destination. In Israel, freight insurance policies are mostly subject to the Common law and not to the Insurance Contract Law, 1981, such like other commercial insurance policies.

Special services

· Consulting services for importers - we prepare our clients, well in advance, for the process including:

- Meeting regulation, licensure, and permissions requirements.

- Product and tariff classification

A professional and meticulous preliminary review of all import aspects saves a great deal of hassle, aggravation, and money.

· Packaging and packing services for exporters - properly packing your goods will make a difference in terms of space and volume, as well as prevent double shipments. Shipping Now provides custom-tailored design and package manufacturing, as well as professional packing services. The packing process is carried out on clients’ premises or in a designated packing house.

Meeting international standards, clients’ requirements, insurers’ requirements, and means of forwarding; the packaging and packing processes also consider the type of shipment, (air/sea/land/combined), the goods, as well as labeling and recycling issues.

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